philosophy songs

All song lyrics 2021  V. Alan White, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, University of Wisconsin Green Bay--Manitowoc Campus

7. 11 "Whereof one cannot sing, thereof one must be silent."--L. Wittlessung, Tractatus Illogico-Philosophidisgust

These parodies are offered in the hope that philosophers, while deservedly known for serious devotion to the search for truth, also will forever treasure the Socratic levity of the Symposium. Not that you'll encounter that sort of delicate balance of insight and humor here, mind you. But in the spirit of such mind-fun, enjoy these humble offerings anyway.

The songs' lyrics may be viewed and my recordings of them (such as they are) may be downloaded in mp3 format from the list to the right.  I provide midis for most of the songs as well so you can sing them on your own.  (The first one--"gad-fly"--is true karaoke--the midi lacks the melody!)  Please note that no midi was copied in known violation of copyright.

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