(Sung to "Rockytop, Tennessee")


Oh Guanilon thought it was poppycock

to prove that God exists--

And David Hume said it was poppycock

to think that self persists--

Now I don't know if it is poppycock

to believe such things--

But all I seem to know is poppycock

when logic loudly sings:



Poppycock is all I see

examined logically--

it's all poppycock,

poppycock logically, poppycock logically!


There was a time I thought the religious life

contained the truth and way--

I'd pray to God or Son or Holy Ghost

depending on time of day--

But then I read in Soren Kierkegaard

that reason faith might block--

and that's when the love of wisdom clearly said

my life was poppycock!




So look with me to the march of philosophy

to see what's false and true--

there're proofs for God and modal opacity,

and then, of course, there's grue--

the moral here is, once you know it all,

and got it locked and stocked--


is when a paper appears in the Phil Review

that says "It's poppycock!"


(chorus and repeat)