(Featured in "A Brief History of the Paradox: Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the Mind.")

(Sung to "Chimchiminey")



Antinomy, antinomy, antinomy--

it's not merely one but it's two QEDs--

antinomy, antinomy, antinomy--

contradictory results from the same premises!

(Despite what one thinks--both can't be believed!)


Immanuel Kant said the world can't begin

then thought better of it, and said it can't end;

how better adjoin separate theses as these

but publicize them as Kant's antinomies?




Old Zeno thought space a remarkable thing

(somewhat as we think of a pig on the wing);

Achilles could not catch a Testudines

if burdened by so many antinomies!




We search for the truth till the end of the day--

but closer approaching seems farther away--

an infinite effort our destiny be--

the lover of wisdom's own antinomy!