Professor Roy A. Sorensen of Washington University in St. Louis uses my song "Antinomy" in his Oxford University Press release "A Brief History of the Paradox: Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the Mind."  (Now in paperback!) The book is wonderful, and I'm flattered to have a small contribution to it!

Thanks to Laurence Goldstein (who once referred to "mens John" as "a masterpiece"!), Brian Leiter (who generously linked to my Bond page), David Chalmers, Alan Hájek, Bill Lycan, Brit Brogaard, Brian Weatherson, Kris McDaniel, Neal Tognazzini and Gustavo Llarull, Juan Comesańa, and many, many others for acknowledgements, postings, and recognition of the effort I've put into this idiosyncratic endeavor!

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