the dialogues of Hume


The Dialogues of Hume

(Sung to "The Green, Green Grass of Home")


The Scriptures still said the same,

divided sacred from profane--

they held the Gospel

(and I mean in all senses!).

All was well and God was in His heaven--

then I took Phil of Religion--

the Prof assigned the Dialogues of Hume. . .



Oh the arguments defeat me--

And the theist answers weakly--

How troubling are the Dialogues of Hume!


The words all looked so strange,

as they grappled on the page--

and raised some questions

that I had not considered:

Raising doubts about a first Creator

(that than which there is none greater)--

such logic in the Dialogues of Hume--




I awoke from dogma's slumber,

left emotions that encumber--

and saw that faith had leapt

from Dover cliffs of reason--

"god" just might be an anthropic concept--

Dawkins' blind memetic success--

critiqued by the Dialogues of Hume--


Yes they may come to hate me,

Slander, libel, and berate me--

But I now believe the Dialogues of Hume!