fool's water (twater)


Foolís Water (Twater)

(Sung to "Cool Water")


They say I make a grand mistake

about the state of twater--

foolís water--

a twin-earth guy who drinks when dry,

and canít think I see water--

two-H-Oed water.



Keep a-thinking Burge, Putnamís got a cunning urge

heís concocted quite a merge

of gedanken with a surge

of twater.

Oh Burge canít you see that externally

that water canít be made of X&Y&Z--

just twater--

foolís-gold water?


And so Iím fooled

to think Iím schooled

in molecules of water--

your old water--

my XYZ presents to me

a thought that flees from water--

two-H-Oed water.





Cease and desist!

There is no mist called "twater"--

foolís water--

your fantasy involving me

is completely non-starter--

foolís-gold water.