presentism's hard to prove


Presentism’s Hard to Prove

             (sung to “Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do” (70s soulful version) by Neil Sedaka)



They told me it’s the present—

I can’t conceive their view—

cause what they put as referent

is really déjà vu—


don’t say that now is all that can be,

time-compressed ontology,

for what was now is now renewed—

and presentism’s  hard to prove—


the fact that then was now outright

but now exists in total blight--

so what was then is now frou-frou—

 and presentism’s  hard to prove.


I say that presentism’s  hard to prove,

now is known, but known as improved

as over the truth of what’s been

and added to eternal truth

of what is tenseless truth again


I state as true what they may spite

and misconstrue as tensed and right

but facts are facts, tenseless and true—

and presentism’s  hard to prove—


yes--presentism’s  so hard to prove—

to prove—