(Sung to "My Way" by Frank Sinatra (lyrics by Paul Anka))

(Dedicated to Ron Barnette and his excellent site Zeno's Coffeehouse)

And now, the time has come
that is not thus the time before this--
and yet, this is the time that's not the now
of what I said it's--
the time that will become,
cannot be now, but will present as
the now, as now now is--
it's paradoxes.

The space, through which one moves,
one cannot prove that one traverses--
for points of motions are
so dense that "far" is close as "near" is--
and thus to move from near to far
is not what common sense says--
to hell with common sense--
it's paradoxes.

Yes we have shaves, the barber gave
not to himself, but to some knave
like to himself he could not give,
but still he gave as if to live
as one who shaves himself not knaves--
of paradoxes!

I've told a bunch of lies,
but in a way that's so confusing--
my truth always belied
the statement's side of falsehood's rusing--

"This statement is not true"
collides my truths against my falses--
what else this wreckage is--
but paradoxes.

But what is a thought, but it can flaunt
its content so that it cannot
be torn apart by logic's peel
so as to be the shit revealed
in true-but-false?  So take the loss--
it's paradoxes!!!