Here is a sample of some of my papers; more about my publications here.

How to Mind One's Ethics: A Reply to van Inwagen (from Analysis Jan 1990)
My restricted-topic approach to introductory philosophy (A semi-serious presentation)
Excerpt from Free Will from the Ground Up (My 101 text--a work in what-I-call-progress)
Quick Thinking? Not So Fast! Chronos:  Proceedings of the Philosophy of Time Society 2004;  Sorites 2004
Dumbo's Feather paper presented as Powerpoint at UW Madison, April 1, 2005
Review of Jonathan Bennett's A Philosophical Guide to Conditionals, Review of Metaphysics, Fall 2005
"Freedom and World-Views in The X-Files" in Philosophy and The X-Files ed. by Dean Kowalski, Sept 2007.
"B-Time:  A Reply to Tallant" (with L. Nathan Oaklander) Analysis 2007.
"Picturing Einstein's Train of Thought"  Philosophy 1996.